Monday, June 6, 2016

Team OyO Off season Event Week

We kicked it off today with the awesome Kels Foxclaw hosting a 90's event with all money made heading to the RFLIW general fund so far we have made from today's event 2,450I'Z and the general fund now sits at 238,570I'Z  over 100k has been made so far from team OyO and were not stopping yet.

Trough the week we have Bid boards with 100% of sales going to RFLIW they will be refreshed every 24 hours and we also have a lot of scheduled auctions with special rare Breedables and one of a kind Breedables too again all money is going to RFLIW so much stuff going on with this Off Season fundraiser you should come check it out.

Thank you so much to Luna for taking the photos and to Kels Foxclaw for everything she is doing organizing it all doing all the promotion and the prep work totally amazing,come join us for some of our events through the week and to all the awesome people who are donating you all rock so yeah jump into one of the events or auctions and say hi )

Tuesday 7th June 2pm - oYo Wildz with Martin
Thursday 9th June 2pm - oYo Main with Martin
Sunday 12th June 12pm - M&K with Matt & Kels

Wednesday 8th June 10am at Club Twinkle with DJ Kels. Club twinkle turns its weekly spot over to RFL with Party Hits.
Sunday 12th June 2pm oYo events with DJ Matt and summer hits.

If you want to host some events pleas e feel free to contact me for a Off Season general fund Kiosk and lets get some money raised for RFLIW wohooooo Go Go Relay!!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Relay For Life Of Inworldz Magazine Q2

Its here our second edition of our magazine thanks so much to our chief editor Luna Stormfeather for putting it all together in this issue we remember some of those we lost and hear from the new chair and co-chair for this upcoming season,

We hope you enjoy the read and we hope you enjoy this magazine our next issue will be jam packed with all our events and all the stuff were doing this season, have a great day asll grab some coffee and enjoy the magazine