2016 Relay For Life Sponsors

We cannot do what we do without the Relayers and also the sponsors, our sponsors are the ones who help us to build the support network we have in IW and are the ones who keep us in the fight, below is our 2016 sponsors and im very proud to share the relay with them thank you all so much for everything you do

Team OyO & Sunset Rentals 
Matt Foxclaw 
Kels Foxclaw

Sunset Rentals is a family run land rental company with owners Matt Foxclaw and Kels Foxclaw bringing their vast experience from their lengthy and successful land rental days in SL over to IW so rest assured you are in good hands. Sunset Rentals specializes in 2x2 sims but also provides full sims down to 512m2 parcels as well as homes and Linden straight access properties.

Weefolks For A Cure & Weefolks Hub
Oldesoul Eldemar
Cassie Eldemar

Weefolks hub is the number one hub in inworldz for tiny's dinkie's bunny's and critters alike, it is home to the Weefolks For A Cure Team and amazing stores for all type's of little critter's from clothing to avatars and so much more.

Weefolks For A Cure is a premier fundraising team on the inworldz grid for relay for life in association with the American Cancer society, feel free to contact us for more information or visit us inworld

sChen Chaos
OD-X Productions Mesh, Texture

Scrimshaw Marine Boatworks
TenBears Running

Local Colours
Arathorn Dragomir
Calnia Westland
Jillian2000 Quintessa

Uniquely Quintessa
Jillian2000 Quintessa

Uniquely Quintessa features furnishings for your unique home. You'll find items with an Asian flair, feel free to visit our store inworld or contact Jillian for more information.

Fleure's Enchanted Corner 
Fleure Homewood

Morning Coffee 
Rowland Larkham
Ziva Danylo-Larkham

Golden Harmony Ballroom
Harmony Beningborough

Kitty Gumbo
Relay For Life Volunteers 

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