Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I Relay - Bain Finch

An interview with Bain Finch, 2012 Chair of Public Relations and Marketing, Relay For Life of InWorldz and his "Why I Relay".

By: Medici Media

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

RFL of IW Fashion Auction

 Fashion Auction, September 22nd, 2012

As you all know, Relay for Life of the American CancerSociety is now officially here in InWorldz. We are holding two Relay for Lifeof InWorldz specific auctions for the cause this first year.

The first Relay for Lifeof InWorldz event is a Fashion Auction is being held on the 22nd of September, our half way point for Relay. We have designers who are donating their time and talents for all to enjoy and for all to give, as they do for the best of causes.

Do not miss the limited and one of a kind of items that will be offered up in the inaugural fashions for the first Relay for Lifeof InWorldz season, all the while donating to the best of causes. 100% of every donation and payment whether in Kiosks, RFL Vendors and sponsorship goes directly to Relay for Life of the International American Cancer Society.

We have General and Team specific events kiosk and vendor boards. If you wish a kiosk or vendor board for your shop, please contact Hairy Thor and he will send them to you. If you would like to form a team and become part of the Relay weekend November 2-4 we can send the registration form, and you can begin to hold RFL specific team activities, and begin planning your Relay weekend build. 

We will have several campsites available on the RFL sims to be placed. However, we will have a limited number of sites. If you are considering a team site, please register a team asap. Contact Hairy Thor, or TIGGS Beaumont for the registration info. 

Please do consider joining what I am sure will become a successful yearly event in our little world. InWorldz is only the second virtual world the American Cancer Society has recognized as a Global and valid fund raiser.

Thank you for any consideration given. Hope to hear from many of our wonderful creators for a vendor or kiosk request for shops.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three little Words

Since coming online in IW for help RFL of IW, I've been looking for a skin that reflects my profile I have created for my Bain persona and this past week I found a wonderful lady to helped me accomplish this. I was so delighted with what she created, I asked her if she could sell me a copy on that other grid because she has a shop there as well and this is where the conversion took a left turn, when she told me she was going to doctors to get her test results. I've not seen her since. That was Sunday morning.

There are three words, that 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 female will hear in their life time You Have Cancer and are words that sends fear into those that hear it. Those three words, is a game changer to any they are spoken too. One goes from 1,000s of wishes and hopes for the future, to only one wish and only one hope, all because of three words. All the previous thoughts and emotions are plunged into focused fear of one's mortality and you are completely consumed in a free fall, that a few short heart beat before, wasn't even on you horizon. Nothing else matters anymore.

Take a good look around you. Every other male friend, family and associate you know, and one third of the females with be touched my this beast. I'm going to be turning 52 in a few months and it take a lot of effort for me, to list all the people I've lost to cancer. Sunday night I found out, a dear friend of many years, is also waiting for his results to coming in. I will be strong for him, I will be by his side, if the news is such, but privately, I am devastated.

Why do I Relay? To borrow some words a dear friend said recently her Why I Relay testimonial to spread my spirit to others who relay alongside me and to educate those who don't.

I Relay for you, I Relay for all the people I know, and with my family history, I Relay for me.

Bain Finch