Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Future Without Cancer ~ Season Events

We are so excited about this 3rd season of Relay For Life of InWorldz with the theme of A Future Without Cancer and all the changes we has been working on. Let me take you on a quick walk through.
We will be kicking off the season on August 23rd at the new home of Relay For Life of InWorldz on Muse Island at 9am IWT. If you have not seen Muse Island yet, I urge you to stop by and enjoy a beautiful sim.

From September 20th until the 27th, we are very proud to present the first annual Fashion For Life event with Raven Dulce of InStylez Modeling Agency presenting InFashion and Beyond fashion week. Several groups have joined in and each one will have a fashion day at the fair. There will be shops at the amazing build, which will remain open until the end of the Relay season. And Raven has issued a challenge to fashion designers to contribute a one of a kind item for an auction to be help at the Fashion For Life Fair. So if you are interested is hosting your own Fashion Day, rent shop space, contribute to the auction and entertainers are encourage to join in the week long fun too. Contact Raven Dulce in InWorldz to book the fashion stage or shops. Contact SkyeSunset Willow to book your time at the entertainment stage. Details can be found on this InWorldz forum post.

From October 18th until the 26th, we will be hosting the 2nd annual Jobs & Services Fair on the grounds on Muse Island and everyone is welcomed to join in. Merchants are welcomed to rent a booth, along with anyone looking to expand their membership to their club, land or group, advertise for employees, services and more for your business. DJs and live performers are encouraged to book a slot during the Services Fair as a way to showcase their skills. This really is a unique event in InWorldz and a great chance to promote your business and presence on the grid. Contact Jillian2000 Quintessa. Details of this event can be found on this forum post

Also at the Job & Services Fair there will be an art auction and so we are inviting all budding and established InWorldz artist to join in. You can reach out to Ferrator Montoya to get more information. Details of this event can be found on this forum post.

The main Relay event will take place on November 1st starting at 9am IWT and we will be walking and carrying on until 9pm IWT. Details for this event will be posted at we approach the date.
The last bit of news for this season is we are rebuilding a new and more secure Relay For Life of InWorldz website to host all the information you will need to help you form a team and join the Relay family. Here you will be able to follow the teams fundraising progress, find information about fundraising for Relay For Life, using the fundraising tool and so much more. Along with new website, we can developing a full set of fundraising tools, like the RFL kiosk, single and multiple item vendors, auction panels, raffle and random item vendors. The items will be distributed and ready to go online at the Kick Off on August 23rd. I must add that all off season kiosk and vendors will be commanded to disappear on August 22nd so don’t panic, this is planned. 

The last bit of news is that during the off season, you have contributed over $325,000 izzies and that is an amazing start to this 3rd season of Relay For Life of InWorldz and we are so grateful for your support and contributions.

Follow this link to register and add your team to A Future Without Cancer and join us as we Relay For Life.

If you wish to Sponsor Relay For Life of InWorldz, contact Hairy Thor for all the details about the sponsorship program.

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