2017 Sponsorship Information

The 2017 Relay For Life of InWorldz Sponsorship in support of the American Cancer's Society's mission.  The sad reality of Virtual Relaying is, sim cost funds we'd rather see going towards our mission, just as food, main tents and stages cost funds to rent, on the real life grid's Relay events. But now with the unique availability of 2x2 sims in InWorldz and last years lag fest learning experience, we can use these sims to build our track and keeping the use of full sim for the entertainment sims, to get the best value for our needs.

2017 Season Sponsorship

Relay For Life of InWorldz Sponsor 
$30.00 USD or 15,000 InWorldz Currency Donation
    Logo and clickable SLURL on sponsorship page of the Relay For Life of InWorldz website and blog.
    Logo and clickable SLURL post on the RFLofIW Facebook and Twitter pages
    Verbal recognition of your sponsorship during Relay weekend steamed across all Sims. (6x)
    Verbal recognition of your sponsorship at all ceremonies
    Logo (clickable) in the Sponsor Directory located at all Relay weekend ceremony stages
    Prominent placement on a sign along the track with all the sponsors' logos with a clickable to your store
    Recognition in Prims that you are a 2017 Relay For Life Sponsor for your display and shops.

This sponsorship can be placed in InWorldz with Izzies or thought the Relayer's Dashboard site with use of debit or credit cards, or PayPal.

This sponsorship can be applied directly to Relay For Life of InWorldz or credited to one of our Teams.

Please contact Oldesoul Eldemar, Kitty Gumbo or Bain Finch to properly process your sponsorship.

With the full support from the American Cancer Society, this Sponsorship program for the main Relay Event Sims and not those of Hope Village.

For more information, please contact the organizational committee of Relay For Life of InWorldz.

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